Welcome to Bee Cee Beemers

The store is open for pre-registering at the 2020 Nakusp Hotsprings Rally.  Please register early to ensure you are guaranteed within our meal count.  We will be limiting the numbers at the rally in order to ensure that the experience from those attending remains at an exceptional level.

Have a look around our website. Join us for coffee or a ride and become part of something special.  Bee Cee Beemers is a recognized charter club with BMWMOA, BMWRA and a member club of BMW Clubs Canada.  Members have access to many benefits and new members can easily join online.  Check out our event calendar to view upcoming club events,  All activities the club offers, including MeetUp rides are automatically included in our events calendar.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 4th 2020.  A notice of the AGM will be sent electronically through email to all active members with any required materials being available at the meeting.

Important:  In order to access many features of this website, you must be an active member of Bee Cee Beemers and you MUST also be logged in to this site using your username and password.  Be sure to check out our Member Contributions area and our Discussions Forum.  Both contain useful and interesting information for club members.

Bee Cee Beemers is a registered club of BMW motorcycle enthusiasts who are based in British Columbia, Canada. We love to meet over food and drink to talk about bikes and rides. And we enjoy the camaraderie of the road, whether that road leads to the local coffee shop, or to some far-flung corner of the world. We are a club of motorcycle enthusiasts - and not just BMW owners - although the bavarian bikes are still the nearest and dearest in our hearts.