Rally Committee

The Bee Cee Beemers Annual Rally – Nakusp Hotsprings has become a centrepiece every year.  It is the final destination for the ‘four corners’ rally, which includes Washington State, Oregon and Idaho.  Each year, we are visited by almost 300 enthusiastic attendees looking for the unique experiences that this rally brings.

The success of each year is due to the contributions and commitment of our club members.  In order to ensure sustainability for future years, we have organized this by creating a sub-committee which will be represented by a number of contributors in key roles.

To the members of the Bee Cee Beemers Motorcycle Club we are looking for members in the following positions:

Rally Chair overall lead and project manager B. Dingsdale
Rally Events responsible for the organization of events at the rally, including the bike games Open
Prizes seeks contributions from our key sponsors in the form of prizes Open
Rally Logo, T-Shirts and Pins leads the selection of the rally logo to commemorate each year, including handling of t-shirt orders Open
Registration handles all registrations G. Fengstad
Rally Setup / Takedown handles the setup and teardown of the tables and tents Various
Coffee responsible for morning coffee R. Tetrault