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      Eric Hutton

      The first thing that come to my mind is Hatton Insurance in Duncan. He has raced internationally and may be of help.

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      William Hardwick

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      The first time I shipped a bike to Europe I bought European Comprehensive/Fire & Theft insurance from Motorcycle Express (see Horizons Unlimited website). It was not cheap and after the first trip I relied on a chain, cover and so common sense.

      Try the following:

      Motorcycle Express in New Jersey
      Knopftours in Heidelberg
      Mototouring in Milan

      ICBC was useless in providing information and their coverage is of no use over seas. Only need it to ride to the shipper or airport.
      Good luck & safe travels
      William P Hardwick

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      Hi John
      Dave and Brenda Douglas have done what you are wanting to doAnd it was quite the learning curve. They keep a 1150rt in England and tour Europe every year on it.

      I suggest you contact them on how they got this done.
      – Michael McPeak

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      Neil Elliott

      I too am interested in doing this; keeping a bike in Europe.
      do I find Dave and Brenda via the member directory?

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      Grant Fengstad

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      Yes, they are in the member directory.

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      Robert Howell

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      Robert Howell.

      A little late in seeing this post. I shipped my 89 K75 to Europe ( Frankfurt) in 2011 for yearly rides. It is stored at Knofptours in Heidelberg. Stefan is the most informative person to talk with in regards to shipping your MC and can answer all your insurance questions.

      In fairness to ICBC, their insurance coverage is only for the US, and Canada. Just like taking your vehicle to Mexico, you have to buy Mexican Insurance. My bike has its BC plate, and for $18, you keep the Registration current to keep all your paper work up to date for Customs, and Police. Also you must buy the Euro Green Card 3rd Party Liability Insurance. Buying a bike in Europe is not easy, as you have to have a EU address for registration etc.

      Given the age of my bike, I just get the Green Card Insurance.

      I’m sure by now you have your sorted on what to do. Just curious on how it turned out.

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