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      Eric Hutton

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      Allan Vallis

      How much does the dealership charge to reset the service indicator?

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      Peter Suckling

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      The GS911 diagnostic tool will reset service lights but for that the tool will take and store the vin# of the bike and the enthusiast version will only take 10 bikes but the professional version which costs a lot more stores a lot more vin#s, not sure how many.

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        Eric Hutton

        I will drop by Shails and ask them

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      Bernie Brady

      anybody know what the reset cost is and cost of the gs911

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      Allan Vallis

      GS-911 prices are:

      $299 does one bike
      $399 does ten bikes
      $749 does unlimited bikes

      All prices in US dollars. Looks like two devices required to handle pre and post 2017 models. Could be just an upgrade required (at extra cost).

      Best call the dealer to find out what current reset cost is.

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      Eric Hutton

      Shails will charge $60.00
      Open Road will not do it unless you get the bike serviced.
      Apparently there is another way….
      Using OBDlink and adapter cable which are available on Amazon.ca for around $130.00
      You need to download the motoscan app. Unfortunately the app is not available
      On iOS.
      I would be interested in knowing if anyone has used this and how well it works.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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