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      Eric Hutton

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      Grant Fengstad

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      I used to have the Sena 5 on a previous helmet. The firmware is pretty much consistent across the Sena family.

      Sena is generally well regarded and I believe their latest firmware will permit connection to other manufacturer headsets (i.e.: SCALA).

      I currently use a SCALA OEM (Schuberth C3 bluetooth headset).

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      Eric Hutton

      Thanks Grant.
      I will check Out Scala.

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      Hi everyone.

      Sena has a new headset coming out in 2017 that looks very interesting. Here’s the link: http://www.sena.com/product/30k/

      The main difference with this model is the Adaptive Mesh technology for communicating with other riders. To save you from reading the whole article, I’ll summarize: currently when communicating with a group or riders and one of the riders leaves the conversation, it can impact other members of the conversation as the communications devices are daisy-chained. I.e. I communicate with you, you communicate with a third person and I communicate with that third person via you, if you leave the conversation, I can’t talk to the third person anymore.

      Adaptive Mesh, means that we’re all linked directly, and not via someone else. So in the above example, if you leave the conversation, I can still talk to the third person.

      And it’s supposed to support up to 16 riders at up to 2km (try that in the mountains though hey?).

      No firm word on availability yet though. Maybe we’ll learn more at the motorcycle show in January.



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      Hey David. I’ve used the Sena 10 for the past 2 seasons. Superior imo to the Scalia. Simple, great reception. It would be my recommendation. ????

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        Thanks for the info Brian. I’ve never actually used any kind of sound device on a motorcycle before, and I’m not sure how I feel about having music in my ears when I’m riding. I can see the advantages of having navigation information spoken to me but I’m not sure about music.

        Do you use it for music?


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        I do on occasion. More often, I use it to communicate with my buddies. Also good for phone calls. All you do to answer is “explode” the mic. I.e. Speak into mic when phone rings and you’re on a call. Completely hands free. I like the Sena because of the simplicity of control. One large wheel that goes everything. I didn’t like the scala. Too many buttons. My 2 cents. I’m a big fan of bike to bike communication.

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