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Grant Fengstad

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So, the helmet is scheduled to be in central distribution (Germany) on July 21st. According to Highroad Vancouver (Vancouver BMW Ducati), if that date is met then it should be at the dealer about 10 days later. What a journey – I started this in October of last year.

I also ordered the BMW Communications unit when I place my order for the helmet. I was told at that time that the Comm units may be delayed and that they could not provide an estimated date – this was in April. Well, to my surprise I found out on Friday that the Comm unit had arrived – I picked it up yesterday from the dealer. Hopefully that is a good sign that the helmet will show up as expected. They have received more Carbon 7 helmets, albeit not with the graphics design but it did afford me the opportunity to try on the XL (60/61) to ensure the fit was good… wow, does this helmet ever feel good and it is really, really light. Last thing of note: While I was initially looking to order the Prime graphics version (blue / silver), I thought different when my wife reminded me that my gear is mostly black / yellow (Hi-Vis). Ended up going for the hi-vis version.

BMW Carbon 7 - HI-Vis Helmet