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Hi Eric. Just below the top (I believe it’s called) triple tree, you’ll see the fork leg tubes, and there is a rubber sleeve around each fork tube. Roll the rubber sleeve down and check there is no oil leakage and there should be no gap between the plug and the fork tube. The image on this web page shows how it should *not* look: http://advrider.com/index.php?threads%2Fupper-stanchion-crimping-failure.1184877%2F

There is a Facebook page for this issue. If you’re on Facebook, just search for BMW GS 100 Stanchion Separation Issue and there is a lot of information there. There have been quite a few reports of the crimping failing and people being seriously hurt as you can imagine if your forks fell away from the bike while you were moving.

And we can definitely take a look on Tuesday at the meeting.