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Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply! Nice to meet you.
I feel bad, as I’m brand new here and do not wish this to turn into a rant – but after the day I’ve had, I’m afraid it likely will.

The story begins …

I always had a great relationship with Pacific BMW in Richmond. Now that their BMW incarnation has gone away, I had to go to another dealer, and decided to go to the BMW dealer in Langley.

Long story short: As my bike has been sat for the last half a decade (ridden 2 days a year and stored properly under cover in a warm and dry garage), among the dozens of other things that needed serious attention (brakes, lines, pads, fuel system oils battery etc), I was also in need of new rubber on my wheels.

As it is beyond my ability/tools to mount and balance tires on the GS, I provided the dealer with the tires and new rubber and paid for installation and balance ($120). I had asked/noted to the service manager that as the valve stems were old (10+ years) they likely would need replacing.

Dealership said they didn’t have any valve stems in stock for my bike (?), but would see if they need replacing or not. Although I prefer to replace the stems with the tires, I figured what heck, they are BMW mechanics, they know their way around a BMW garage.

So the day after picking up (and installing) my new tires on my wheels, into my maiden ride the rear starting hissing and lost all air within 10 seconds. Thankfully I was just around the corner from home and managed to get off the bike before any damage was done to the tire itself. Rear stem simply let go.
So yes, I was now not going to make my long week-end road trip up country. But hoping to get it resolved today, I called the dealership asking them to order 2 new stems and asked about having them installed. In a nutshell, the dealership refuses to cover the labor cost to have the new stems installed (I said I would cover shop supplies and obviously pay for the stems) – so I asked if it wasn’t something they should have noticed themselves especially after I had told the service manager to replace them.

I know sh*t happens, but I somehow expected better. That is probably my fault, as I was spoiled by Pacific BMW.
Pacific were so good that they even replaced the poly V belt for free (labour) as their shop was dead on the day I brought it in. So am I upset? Sure. Will I live? Of course I will. I am not trying to be a boomer or snowflake (or whatever us middle aged gits are called these days) just after a good job well done. I naively thought that $120 labour to install the tires for me, would afford 3 seconds to inspect the condition of a valve stem.

Then again, perhaps I should have insisted the valves should be replaced, and not taken their word that the stems were fine.

Maybe it is just me, PO’ed that after all this work bringing the bike back from mothballs, my week-end plans were thwarted by a $10 valve that I naively thought it was OK and had paid a certified BMW technician to evaluate and received the green light. Maybe I expect too much from a dealership.

OK end of story-time boys and girls – and Thank-you that was very cathartic.

Anyway, I look forward to being able to meet everyone as soon as COVID is over! Chat soon.