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Allan Vallis

Hi Eric,
Thanks for your interest in this subject. This decision was not taken lightly. As I am sure you have seen, attendance by riders and participation by dealers, repair shops and other vendors has been dropping off significantly over the past few years. The bike show used to be the prime driver of new members and rider awareness of Bee Cee Beemers. However, last year at the show we had an increase in membership of 2. Yes, you read that correctly, we signed up two new members over three days. With our much improved visibility on the web and our working agreement with the two Lower Mainland dealerships we are much better positioned to increase our membership through these new and more modern means. In consideration of the increased cost of the show and specifically the time which a couple of our members devote to transport, set up, and tear down – and our increasingly poor results – we deemed that the expense in money and time did not justify our continued participation.