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Hi Eric, yes, I was in there a few weeks ago and we discussed it too. Apparently, all owners will be contacted by BMW with instructions to contact their dealer and set up a time for an inspection and any work that is needed.

As far as the work itself, they’re checking all bikes for a gap of .02mm and if there’s a gap, the bike will get new forks and the compression collars, if there’s no gap, the bike will still get the compression collars. So whether there’s a sign of the problem or not, we’re all getting the fix.

So it’s not a ‘do not ride’ type of recall, but interestingly, it’s a ‘do not sell’ type of recall. So the dealership is allowed to sell the bikes they have on the floor, but the customer can’t take delivery until the collars have been installed, and as you mentioned, the parts aren’t available just yet. They say that the tools to facilitate the repair were supposed to arrive in late July. And apparently, bikes that are on the road are getting the fix before bikes in the dealership waiting to be sold, I thought that was a great way to show us on the road riders that we’re more important than new sales.