Squamish Evening Ride


No coordinator is required to attend so please saddle up on time so you get the most day light in your ride. If you arrive late be sure you consider that you may be riding alone both directions before departing. It is possible that those who RSVP’d were not able to make in the final hour.

I will not be able to attend every week, so check MeetUp for other participants to watch for at the meeting place. This is a popular meeting place so other bike groups may be here at the same time. If there is an event at the church and the parking lot is full please park where you can be seen while respecting the private property we are using. (If your MeetUp profile does not have your name, a picture of your face and your bike model, please consider adding these making meet up easier for others.)

If you RSVD to attend and need to cancel please un RSVP so others are not expecting you or left disappointed if no one else shows up.

You need RSVP prior to 330PM the day of the event, if you miss this time you are welcome to join knowing once the registered group is compete they may leave the MeetUp location early.

Starbucks – Squamish
1200 Hunter Place, Suite 510
Squamish, BC V8B 0G8
5:30am –10:00pm

This ride is always a spirited ride on amazing asphalt and engineered curves. The destination and turn around point of Starbucks offers an opportunity for the group to reconnect if we get spread out. Radar is common on this highway.
It is always good practise to ride with a buddy. If you have a buddy and see a lone rider at the meet up location, consider taking them into your group so no one rides alone.