Ride to Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum in Sorrento

This is an overnighter to the bike museum in Sorrento. Trip can also be done in one day if you have to work on Monday. The museum is closed Tuesdays.

Route is Hwy 1 to Hope, Hwy 3 to Princeton, Hwy 5A to Merritt and Kamloops, Hwy 1 to Sorrento…..OR…

….Hwy 1 to Hope, Hope to Kamloops on Coquihalla, Hwy 1 Kamloops to Sorrento with the aforementioned routing used for the return. I’m open to suggestions.

Hotel accommodations at Best Western Salmon Arm (about 20 minutes down the road from the museum). THIS RIDE IS WEATHER DEPENDENT. If its pissing rain at departure time on Sunday or heavily forecast for Monday, the trip will be postponed.