Ride to Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum in Sorrento

OK, we’re gonna try this again. This is a two day trip. Ride up Wednesday on either the Coquihalla or via Hwy 3 to Princeton, to Kamloops via Hwy 5a, to Sorrento via Hwy 1. Departure is at 9:30 sharp.

If we take the Coquihalla, we will visit the museum on Wednesday afternoon. If we take Hwy 3 through Princeton, the visit to the museum will be on Thursday morning. The Group will decide which route at first coffee stop at Tim Horton’s in Hope on Wednesday. Overnighting at Best Western in Salmon Arm. You are responsible for your own reservations.

If there are members who for convenience would like to meet in Hope, the rendezvous time there will be 10:30 – 10:45 am.

As always, this ride is weather dependent however the forecast is glorious.