Pemberton, to see if there is still snow on the mountains

My wife and I are riding our bikes to Pemberton to check on the snow in the mountains. Come along and enjoy the views of early Spring. We will stop in a few places for rest breaks and photos. Bring your camera.

Bring a lunch or do a take out in Pemberton, the One Mile Restaurant is set up Covid friendly. We will eat on the grass area by the visitors office. There are picnic tables there and grass if you bring a blanket. Those who choose to eat on the patio at the restaurant can do that too. There are lots of places to eat to spread around and not be a group if required.

We can meet at the Brake Check on Hwy 1, just West of the Cypress Bowl exit in West Vancouver. It is marked and there is room to park and it is easy to get in and out of.

Departing the Brake Check at 10:00am.

There is a Chevron gas station at Westmount Rd. Exit 7 if you need to gas up before we go.