Merritt and Back

My wife and I are going to ride our bikes to Princeton, Hwy 5A to Merritt and back to the Lower Mainland via Hwy 5.
We would like to invite any club members to come with us to enjoy some of BC’s great outdoors via our motorcycles.

This will be a leisurely ride to see Hwy 3, Manning Park, Hwy 5A and lunch in Merritt at a local park.
There will be stops along the way to refresh ourselves and gas if required.

We are bringing our own lunch and I would recommend anyone coming to do the same so we can stay out of the local restaurants.

We would like to leave from Tim Hortons 200th and 86th in Langley at 7:00 am to avoid some of the warmth of the day. I expect to be back in the Lower Mainland by 3:30pm or there abouts.

Looking forward to meeting some of the club members.