Air Head Ride – 99 to Pemberton

Air Head Ride, September 24, 2016, to D’Arcy at Anderson Lake:
Meet at Galileo Café in Britannia Beach at 8:30 am for coffee and/or breakfast.

Ride to Pemberton for an early lunch at the Pony Expresso, (Big Sky Golf Club an option) then ride on up to Anderson Lake.

(Or possibly ride to Anderson Lake first then a late lunch in Pemberton, depending on the group’s wishes.)

An additional add on to the ride could be a scenic run up the Pemberton Meadows to the end of the blacktop and back.

All bikes welcome. Even if you don’t have an airhead you might want to blow the cobwebs off your oldest bike for the ride.

Please respond on MeetUp, any questions call Dave Douglas at 604-788-7814