About Bee Cee Beemers

Bee Cee Beemers is a club of BMW motorcycle enthusiasts who are based in British Columbia, Canada. We love to meet over food and drink to talk about bikes and rides. And we enjoy the camaraderie of the road, whether that road leads to the local coffee shop, or to some far-flung corner of the world. We are a club of motorcycle enthusiasts with an affinity for the Bavarian bikes which are nearest and dearest to our hearts.

Effective March 2017, Monthly club meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at Ricky's All Day Grill in Langley.  Check out our calendar of events for the details.

Club History

For many years, Phil Funnel sold BMW motorcycles in Vancouver, BC. Phil was fond of telling customers, “I don’t sell bikes, I create enthusiasts”. Phil believed in the bavarian bikes and the people who ride them, and proved it every time he and other club members took a little ride to places like South America.

Originally a self-help group, Bee Cee Beemers also went by the nickname “Phil’s follies.” The joke was that Phil would show riders how to repair their bikes or how to choose accessories that they would need for that next long trip. With all the old BMWs kept running, it didn’t work out very well for new bike sales!

Club members would meet socially over good food and discuss bikes, rides, and ways to keep their bikes running forever. Food has always been an important part of club meetings and from that, the club's first motto was born. “Live to eat, eat to ride”.

Many years have passed and nothing much has changed. We are still a club of BMW enthusiasts who meet over food and talk about bikes and rides. Not many of us ride to Peru (but there are some who have travelled all over the world) and not all of our bikes run forever. And we are also no longer a club for BMW owners only (although bavarian bikes remain nearest and dearest in our hearts). After all, as Phil said, we are a club for enthusiasts, and not just bikes.

The Bee Cee Beemers Motorcycle Club is incorporated under the Society Act in the Province of British Columbia. Originally incorporated under the name "Bee Cee Beemers Association" in 1989, the name of the club has officially been changed from "Association" to "Motorcycle Club" in 2009.  Please check out our bylaws.

Incorporated 1989 #S-0024740
BMW MOA Charter Club #114
BMW RA Charter Club #52